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Moo Malika

Sehr lange hatte sie sich darauf vorbereitet und mit der Single FIRELIGHT veröffentlichte Moo Malika dann Mitte 2018 endlich ihren ersten Song. Die Rückmeldungen waren überwältigend – seitdem gilt sie als riesige Entdeckung der aktuellen Popmusik. Die Bernerin legt ...

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Tunisia, Austria and Switzerland are the roots of Moo Malika and music is what makes her flourish. She still remembers well her father’s Arabic lullabies, with which he always sang her to sleep. Her family is also very musical and so it is not surprising that Moo Malika discovered her love for music at an early age.

She had prepared herself for this for a long time and with the single FIRELIGHT Moo Malika finally released her song in the summer of 2018. The feedback was overwhelming – since then she has been considered a huge discovery of contemporary pop music. The Bernese is now really getting started and on 2 November 2018 her EP “Transformation” will be released. Beside the single Firelight there are four more songs on the record, which were all produced by the Grammy-nominated and multi Gold & Platinum producer Ben Mühlethaler.

Tunisia, Austria and Switzerland are the roots of Moo Malika and her equally wide-ranging musical taste from hiphop to rock proved already in her childhood that Moo will grow up to a multifaceted artist who will not be forced into a scheme. She still remembers the Arabic lullabies of her father, with whom he sang her to sleep. Also otherwise her family is very musical and therefore it is not surprising that Moo Malika discovered her love for music at an early age. At school she got excellent marks for her favourite subject of music and she was soon allowed to sing the most difficult solos at various school concerts. In addition, she took part in many talent shows and singing competitions to gain experience and she made it into national television several times. But the exotic visionary did not have enough, because music is the elixir that gives Moo strength and from which she draws love for herself and the world even in the most difficult situations. For this reason she writes songs about everything in her life – that is her way to process what she has experienced.

The EP “Transformation” starts with the song “Queen”. In this song she describes the cause for her subsequent transformation. She noticed how terrible the circumstances were when she analyzed her life and encouraged herself to get out of this situation. The following song “Unfaithful Bastard” was her help to get over her ex-boyfriend and to put an end to the drugs and the chaos in her life. With the song “You!” Moo gives deepest insights into her feelings because she tells us how she learned to fall in love again and to allow the healing of old wounds. The next song “Inner Demon” deals with her Tourette disease, which was diagnosed when she was four years old and almost completely disappeared in her adolescence. The disease only really reappeared when Moo stopped using drugs. She knew that she had to learn to live with Tourette for good, so she wanted to shorten the process and wrote a song also about that. With “Firelight” the EP Transformation is concluded. A touching, intimate and fascinating work by a young woman who has proven to herself and the whole world that a new start is possible at any time. Moo Malika: “For a long time I was thinking if I should release these extremely personal songs. But as I want to encourage people in similar situations, I decided to do so. I was happy too when I found songs which expressed what I couldn’t put into words myself. I can’t think of anything more beautiful for an artist than touching hearts with his music.”

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